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Safety is more than training, 

its a lifestyle.

At Complete Underground, we consider all stakeholders on and off the job. That includes everyone at Complete Underground and the communities we work day

in and day out. To ensure that all parties are safe while we are in the area,

it was not a hard decision to make on how to accomplish this goal. Rigorous

training for our new employees and veteran employees is the same.  Excavation of any

kind can be a far more dangerous task than most think; with the amount of utilities in the ground today it is not hard to find those unknowns in the ground. 


We actively participate in many associations and organizations around the utility industry and damage prevention to keep up with the ever-changing technology as well the laws and regulations, keeping all of our teams up to date and in compliance to better create the safe lifestyle needed to know we have done the best we can to make sure everyone makes it home at the end of the day.

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